ScanPlus ECS - Internal scandoubler for Amiga 500 and 2000

ScanPlus ECS is a internal scandoubler designed for Amiga 500 / 2000 and CRT monitor. Supports DPMS energy saving PAL / NTSC screenmodes. It fits into A500 and A2000 perfectly.

8362 (OCS) and 8373 (ECS) Denise are supported (selectable with a jumper).

The flat cable is long enough to mount the DSUB15 pin VGA connected on the rear side of the Amiga 500 or in a free slot of the Amiga 2000. It comes with a DPMS screensaver utility which is Kickstart 1.2-3.9 compatible.

Only a CRT can reproduce the real picture of the Amiga with smooth scrolling and sharp pixels. A 15 or 17 inch VGA CRT monitor is recommended.

No painful configuration procedure, no warmup time, just plug in and enjoy it!

Top view with Denise fitted in the socket

Bottom side with a precision pin header



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