ScanPlus AGA - Internal scandoubler for Amiga 1200 and 4000D

ScanPlus AGA is a internal scandoubler designed for Amiga 1200 / 4000D and CRT monitor. Supports DPMS energy saving and PAL / NTSC screenmodes. It fits into A1200 and A4000D perfectly.

The flat cable is long enough to mount the DSUB15 pin VGA connected on the rear side of the Amiga 1200 or in a free slot of the Amiga 4000. It comes with a DPMS screensaver utility which is Kickstart 1.2-3.9 compatible. A 3D printed backplate is also included for A1200.

Fits to the Lisa and Alice chips. All Amiga screen modes* are available on the VGA connector: Multiscan, PAL, NTSC, DoublePAL, DoubleNTSC, Euro36, Euro72, Super72. Smooth 50-60 Hz scroll and 24 bit color depth for a real Amiga feel. It comes with a DPMS screensaver utility.

Only a CRT can reproduce the real picture of the Amiga with smooth scrolling and sharp pixels. A 15 or 17 inch VGA CRT monitor is recommended.

No painful configuration procedure, no warmup time is required, just plug in and enjoy!


*SuperHires is reproduced in Hires mode

Lisa adapter board top view

Lisa adapter board bottom view


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